Thanks To Our KWPMC Hurricane Heroes

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma (photo: commons.wikimedia.org)

As Hurricane Irma swept across the Florida peninsula, KWMPC teams across the region rose to the occasion to secure our communities and safeguard our residents. Following the storm, our offices were inundated with letters from people eager to show their appreciation to those who stood with them before, during and after the crisis. While we were not at all surprised, we could not have been prouder receiving heartfelt words like these from our valued residents:
“I was here with my family during the hurricane. I just want to thank you for the excellent organization you delivered before, during and after the experience. During the entire time we faced it, we never once felt alone.”

“I think KWPMC did an outstanding job in taking care of the hurricane preparations and clean-up, which to me is noteworthy considered you had only been with us a few weeks prior to the storm. Great job!”

“I couldn’t be happier about the care and commitment of your team. It’s remarkable how orderly and professional this difficult time was handled. Thanks again for all you do.”

“Your team did everything possible to prepare for the storm. They spent late nights and early morning right here making sure we were all safe, instead of worrying about what time to go home themselves.” 

“I want to thank you and the entire team. You did a fantastic job securing our community and keeping residents informed before and after the storm. We are so fortunate to have this proactive type of management. Congratulations.”
We would like to take this opportunity as a company to recognize all of the amazing KWPMC people on the ground who shined during Hurricane Irma. The true measure of a person’s dedication and resolve is revealed during the most difficult of times. We’re grateful and proud to have great people serving our communities.

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