Estoppel and Questionnaire Request and Payment

Estoppels Department Contact Information: All fees must be paid to KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING prior to processing. Fees for requests are as follows:
  • Estoppel                                Up to 7 Business Days Turnaround                $250.00 each*
  • Rush Estoppel                      Up to 3 Business Days Turnaround                $350.00 each*
  • Questionnaire                      Up to 7 Business Days Turnaround                $300.00 each
  • Rush Questionnaire            Up to 3 Business Days Turnaround                $350.00 each
* If a delinquent amount is owed to the association for the applicable unit, an additional fee of the Estoppel Certificate will be charged of $150.00.
An Estoppel Certificate is effective for 30 days if hand-delivered or sent electronically.  If an Estoppel Certificate is sent by regular mail, the Estoppel Certificate is effective for 35 days.