KWPMC Continues Philanthropic Efforts For Hurricane Dorian Victims in The Bahamas

Each year, the KWPMC teams throughout the State of Florida gather to celebrate the Holiday Season with company parties in each market.  The staff looks forward to this annual event, and it gives the team a chance to celebrate traditions and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and spirited holiday atmosphere.  As the years have gone by, KWPMC has continued to grow as company, entering the 2019 season with more than 1,700 employees – an amazing feat.  We are proud to be one of the “Fastest Growing Companies” in Florida with the best team the property management industry has to offer.

We also happen to have an extremely caring and giving team.  In early September, Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamian islands, which suffered an estimated $7 billion in damages and left 70,000 people homeless.  The KWPMC team jumped into action and started collecting water, necessary supplies and monetary donations to support relief efforts.

The Bahamas are very important to KWPMC.  We manage Bimini Bay and employ 30 Bahamian citizens to manage that property tucked inside the beautiful, luxury hospitality property, Resorts World  Bimini.  Much of the severe damage to the Bahamas was concentrated in the northern Abaco islands, known as a boating destination.  Although Bimini was impacted by heavy storm surge, which severely damaged the seawall protecting the property, our team was spared from physical harm or loss of life.  During the siege of Dorian, KWPMC was keeping a watchful eye on the storm track.  We knew a Property Manager that had previously worked for KWPMC that was  managing a resort in the Abacos, and he was directly in the eye of the hurricane.  After the storm, it took two days, but we were finally able to contact him and ensure his safety and well-being.

Although it’s been three months since Hurricane Dorian swept through the Bahamas, the damage inflicted on the most severely hit islands will take years to recover from and years to rebuild.  The KWPMC partner group wanted to continue to provide the much-needed support required in the Bahamas.  After considering different options, our co-founder Paul Kaplan said, “We are so fortunate as a company, and the Bahamas is very dear to our hearts.  The Holiday season is a time to give and share. Therefore, the KWPMC partner group decided that we would donate the funds we typically spend on our annual holiday parties to make a significant contribution to the continued recovery efforts in the Bahamas.”

Rather than hosting our annual Holiday office parties, KWPMC will donate the funds earmarked for these Holiday celebrations to the Bahamas.  Co-founder Robert White stated, “The overwhelming support that we have received from our KWPMC team is just amazing.  We have employees going out of their way to tell us how happy they are to support the decision to give this donation to the Bahamas in lieu of a Holiday party.  Certainly, this speaks to the giving nature of our incredible team.”

KWPMC is extremely fortunate to be able to make another significant contribution to the Bahamas.  We are so grateful to have a team of employees that cares more about giving than receiving.  After all, that is the true spirit of the Holiday Season!