Estoppel and Questionnaire Request and Payment

In keeping with our commitment to provide you with industry leading services, we partnered with HomeWise Docs, a leader in sourcing and fulfilling estoppel and questionnaire requests. To place a request for an Estoppel or Questionnaire starting June 1st, 2023, go to Once on the HomeWise Docs site, you can easily pay and place a request for an estoppel or questionnaire for a condominium unit or home managed by KWPMC.

If you have a request which was placed prior to June 1st, and you have a question about that request, please contact KWPMC ‘s Estoppel/Questionnaire Department by phone 1-877-833-0166 or email

Estoppel and Questionnaire fees are as follows:

  • Estoppel
Up to 10 Business Days $299.00 each*
  • Rush Estoppel
Up to 3 Business Days $418.00 each*
  • Questionnaire
Up to 10 Business Days $150.00 each
  • Rush Questionnaire
Up to 3 Business Days $269.00 each

*If a delinquent amount is owed to the association for the applicable unit, an additional fee of $179.00 will be charged for the Estoppel Certificate.