Value Optimization

From the day KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING opened its doors in 2004; it has been looking for ways to save its clients money. Whether it be by lowering the costs for the same level of service or by gaining a higher level of service for the same amount of money, the Value Optimization department has done its job. We named the department “Value Optimization” instead of Cost Optimization because in some cases we can’t save our client’s money, but can get more for the same price which means we have added value. We created this internal department to entirely focus on Value Optimization along with finding concepts that help preserve our environment.

As the company grows so does its abilities to find savings and add value for every type of property. The Value Optimization team works directly with all of our staff members and upper management companywide to provide training for the different types of Value Optimization. Some examples include 3rd party service provider contracts, alternative energy technology such as LED lighting and water conservation. Once our team has had the opportunity to review all contracts and documents pertinent to the client, we are able to provide our assessment and implement. Based on the company not having any ownership, commission structures, kick backs and so on with 3rd party service providers, our clients benefit by avoiding conflicts of interest which is a big problem in our industry today. This along with our leverage due to our size allows us to get the same or better pricing than any of our competitors.

To help us further our study of Value Optimization, we are constantly meeting with expert groups across the industry countrywide such as Elevator groups, Security groups, HVAC groups, Insurance groups, Waste Management and so on. There are certainly always new ways to provide savings that we discover on a daily basis and for this reason the Value Optimization department keeps the entire team companywide up to date. Six of the seven owners at KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING are CPA’s and take great pride in finding value for their clients while looking out for the environment at the same time.