Maintenance & Operations

Maintenance and Operations is one of the most important pillars for KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING, as a variety of maintenance procedures is necessary for all properties. Because of the diversity of age within the properties managed, the specific knowledge behind this team of professionals demonstrates their ability to meet the needs of over 40,000 units across the U.S. East Coast and the Bahamas. As an example, the company has assisted many clients through their 40 Year Recertification process and performed major concrete restoration projects.


  • Building Inspections
  • Regular Site Visits by Regional and District Managers, Upper Management and Partners
  • Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Janitorial Services
  • Front Desk/On-Site Management
  • After Hours Line
  • Warranty/Contract Tracking and Management
  • Resident Relations
  • Emergency Procedures and Natural Disaster Plans
  • Value Optimization
  • Vendor Contract Management
  • Budget Analysis and Planning
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Precise Job Descriptions
  • Strategic Action Plan Timeline
  • 40 Year Recertification Process
  • Major Project Oversight
  • Uniform Record Keeping
  • Property Equipment Maintenance Logs

The Details That Matter

KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING believes that the quality of service matches their employees’ level of performance. Various procedures and tools are utilized to ensure that services are being provided in accordance to high expectations. To monitor the progress of the on-site staff, an accountability reference and legacy roadmap is always followed. The company sets priorities to build successful action plans, job descriptions, curb appeal checklists and maintenance plans, just to name a few. The operational team provides support to the on-site staff and is available to them at all times.

Value Optimization

KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING provides a value optimization initiative to benefit their clients’ dollars spent along with the services provided to them. Property by property, each portfolio’s budget is constantly reviewed to target ways to lower costs of certain contracts or occasionally expanding services for the equivalent cost.

Layers of Support

  • On-Site Staff
  • District Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • C.O.O.
  • Executive Directors
  • Managing Partners