In today’s marketplace, some of the many growing problems surface when management companies find themselves not independent from the property when making a decision that financially impacts the association. KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING takes pride in not owning or having any kind of financial affiliation with the companies used in their vendor network, putting their clients’ best financial interest at hand.

The company also believes that conflicts of interest are avoided by steering clear of any financial affiliations, which in turn allows on-site staff to be objective during the selection and continuous evaluation of vendors. KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING strives to provide clients with the same competitive pricing and level of service that other companies claim to provide through third party vendors.

Anti-Kickback & Conflict of Interest Policy

Understanding that there is always an opportunity for corruption when associations run million dollar budgets, KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING provides their team members with the Anti- Kickback and Conflict of Interest Policy, which describes the consequences if an employee accepts bribes, kickbacks or other illegal payments of any kind from suppliers, vendors, consultants, contractors, applicants, or any other individual for the purpose of receiving preferential treatment of any kind.

The policy prohibits employees, representatives, and contractors from:

  • Providing or offering to provide any kickback
  • Soliciting, accepting or attempting to accept any kickback
  • Including the amount of any kickback in any contract awarded by the company