Hospitality & Customer Services

The hospitality culture at KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING is part of each and every community. Developed with the assistance of world renowned experts in the field, they have created the foundation where superior customer service and hospitality is provided at the highest quality. They provide an environment where friendliness, openness, and generous receptions are standard. Training is provided to all team members – from the on-site personnel all the way to the executive staff. The company also works closely to ensure that all services provided on the properties, such as valet and security, meet the needs of their clients.

Attention to Detail

KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING strives to create communities that are harmonious with the help of attention to detail. Realizing that different types of properties have different needs, one thing stays consistent: the attention to a high caliber of customer service. Residents’ standards of expectations are raised as the staff presents a pleasant and comfortable environment, starting with a simple smile accompanied by a warm greeting. The company’s enthusiastic team members hold themselves accountable in personalizing their interactions with the clients and following up to ensure that client expectations have been exceeded.

“You need hospitality for true luxury – but you don’t need luxury to provide true hospitality.”
Sandra Bennett, Executive Director