Real Estate Owned

With the goal of preserving the highest value of their real estate investments, KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING offers management and maintenance services to several of the nation’s largest lending institutions and local banks. Their in-house team takes the stress out of owning real estate investment properties, having the experience of performing REO services for lending institutions and local banks. The professional team includes Certified Public Accountants, licensed Property Managers and licensed Real Estate Brokers.


  • Property Management
  • Property Marketing
  • Broker Price Opinions (BPO)
  • Status Reports
  • Billing and Accounting
  • Rent Collection
  • Leasing and Sales
  • Portfolio Valuation


KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING is staffed with a full accounting department consisting of eight knowledgeable CPAs that review the monthly financials to ensure accuracy and catch potential inconsistencies. Their strong emphasis on financials guides the team in avoiding many of the costly obstacles and setbacks that affect the industry.

Due Diligence

KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING can assist with all aspects of REO asset diligence including budgeting, lease analysis, capital expenditure analysis, unit condition analysis, market study and financial projections.

Asset Management

All asset management functions for lending institutions that gain control of the assets are offered under KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING. These functions include managing the leasing operations and the association management in the case of a fragmented asset. The team has extensive experience in all classes of asset management including multi-family, office space and retail space.


KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING has experience with overseeing large renovation projects for both the exterior and interior of the properties. The company offers customized, quality financial planning for all aspects.

Coordinating the Disposition Process

The company has extensive experience in coordinating and facilitating the ultimate disposition of the property, offering a full- service approach to the process. They can also provide customized reports for potential buyers based upon their requests, promoting abundant communication with clients. Owners are kept up to date on important details with monthly Financial and Management Reports.