SB 154/ HB 837— Condominium And Cooperative Associations

SB 154/ HB 837— Condominium And Cooperative Associations

By: Fiscal Policy Committee; Regulated Industries Committee; and Senators Bradley and DiCeglie

The Florida Building Commission is required by the bill to establish by rule a building safety program to implement the milestone inspection requirements within the Florida Building Code.

The commission must specify the minimum requirements for the commission’s building safety program by December 31, 2024, including inspection criteria, testing protocols, standardized inspection and reporting forms that are adaptable to an electronic format, and record maintenance requirements for the local authority having jurisdiction.

The bill exempts unit owner policies from the requirement that all personal line residential policies issued by the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation must include flood coverage.

By January 1, 2025, associations must have a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) study performed by a law enforcement agency or a Florida Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Practitioner (FCP).


  • Security cameras at points of entry and exit must keep video retrievable for 30 days.
  • Lighted parking is available from dusk to dawn.
  • Lighting in common areas, porches, walkways, and laundry rooms from dusk to dawn.
  • Deadbolts measuring at least one inch on every door of every unit.
  • Locking devices on every window and sliding door not used for community purposes.
  • Locked gates at pool areas with fob or key access.
  • Peepholes or viewers on doors that do not have windows or windows next to doors.

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