Florida Winter Landscaping Tips

As the year comes to a close, holiday season is reaching it’s peak and cooler temperatures are beginning to reach the sunshine state. Most South Florida landscapes will do fine in a “normal” Florida winter, however unexpected below-average temperatures may do damage to some of your plants.

With that being said, it’s important to know how to properly care for your lawn during the winter months.

Here are a few South Florida Winter landscaping tips you should consider to keep your lawn in tip top shape for the winter season:

  • As the holiday season ends, take care when removing any festive lighting and/or decorations. Be careful to safely disconnect any power cords, take precaution when removing elevated decorations, and remove decorations from vegetation with care to not harm the plant, bush, etc.
  • If you wish to add some color to your outdoors, add poinsettias to your landscape. These bright red plants are a favorite for this time of the year and go well in most settings. A few places you might want to consider are your community clubhouse, guardhouse, or even pool area.
  • Add mulch wherever your lawn permits. Mulch moderates soil temperatures, helps sustain soil moisture, inhibits weeds, reduces soil erosion, and can even help improve the soil. Mulch acts as a great heat insulator, helping to keep your plants warm during the cooler nights.
  • To prepare for the colder weather, fertilize your grass in order for it to sustain the winter temperatures. Well-fertilized grass will be able to handle the colder temperatures better and will survive longer.