Can the Board hold a board meeting to discuss handling of the Coronavirus without a 48-hour notice?

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Board meetings do need to be posted with a 48-notice, but under emergency powers – the timing can vary. Check with your counsel.

o Do owners need to be notified and allowed to attend this meeting?
Yes, Board meeting requirements still apply. The meeting should be noticed 48-hours in advance. It is required to conduct a formal board meeting and owners should be given the opportunity to attend through an phone in or video conferencing pathway.

However, should a Board believe they must address an emergency, they should consult their Association attorney to confirm that they can hold a board meeting using their emergency powers without standard notice.

o What technology can boards use to hold meetings and to make decisions?

A board meeting can be conducted using technology platforms like GoTo Meeting or Zoom. Meetings can also be conducted by using a conference call like Free ConferenceCall.com.