KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING (KWPMC) proudly serves many prestigious developers of condominiums, homeowners associations and luxury mixed use projects. These properties trust KWPMC to deliver the highest quality, turnkey management tools and services including financial accuracy, operational excellence, maintenance knowledge, effective communication and administrative precision. Even with these high expectations, our customers consistently applaud our diligent budget processes and controls.

For mixed-use projects, budgeting drives every aspect of the residential, retail and hospitality vision. KWPMC provides a team led by one of our CPA-partners that grasps the complexities and challenges of the project. Our experienced KWPMC accounting professionals work alongside our experts in Operations, Engineering and Hospitality to ensure the project’s forecasting accuracy and to drive home the vision of the project.

No matter how complex the project, we are committed to budgetary excellence. More importantly, we’ve proven we can deliver.

Initial Budget Preparation & Consulting

We’ve helped numerous developers prepare and compile customized budgets for their mixed-use projects. KWPMC supports the developer’s vision with services that help determine a clear budgetary strategy including the below:

  • Open Collaboration with In-House Accounting Departments
  • Detailed Financial Review
  • Review of Architectural Plans
  • Review of Sales and Marketing Materials
  • Review of HOA/Condominium Laws and Governing Documents
  • Review of Management Agreements
  • Insurance Consultation
  • Initial Operating Budget Preparation and Documentation
  • Complete Set of Workpapers to Support Budget Items

International Development

KWPMC works with international developers in much the same way we work domestically. Utilizing our own experts, as well as other sources, we provide initial budgets based on specific country/municipality requirements. Budgets may be detailed in local currency as well as in U.S. dollars.


Working with Fine Hoteliers

KWPMC also works with luxury hotel brands to prepare financial reports and budgets for their residential components. This includes providing timely financial statements with supporting schedules, various budget reports and any other specific requests.

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